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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Playing Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D in full HD...

Having to use modern OS such as Windows 10 means no classic games. I have an old game installer of Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D.

Since I love the game so much, the solution:
Windows XP in VMWare.

Unfortunately, the game can be play on 1024x768 resolution max.

Luckily there's a patch for it.
Download it from here.

- Extract the zip file and run uniws.exe.
- Click Find it for me button, or you can search Rogue Squadron.EXE manually.
- Set New Resolution to 1920x1080 then click Patch button.
- Run Rogue Squadron, go to settings -> video and choose the custom resolution that has been patched.
- To revert back the patch, click Undo Patch button.
- Done! Enjoy the game.

UniWS patcher

Rogue Squadron 3D video settings

Game play screen

Since this is a virtual machine we're talking about, theoretically it should be fine in Ubuntu as host OS. However after installing VMWare Tools especially SVGA driver, Windows XP loads on blank screen with sound. For now, I just have the virtual machine under Windows 10.

Update - 21/09/2019:
I'm able to solve the VMWare Tools installation after run the command below on Ubuntu host OS.
sudo apt install libncursesw5

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