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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Multibootable USB Yes Yes
Multibootable CD/DVD Yes No
Support XP/7 installer Yes Yes, with some tweak. Please refer to Very Important note here.
Support Linux installers Yes Yes
Summary Pros:
  • Works on Windows (XP/7) installer flawlessly.
  • When tested with Windows 7 Ultimate, SARDU somehow exposed an option to install different flavor of Windows 7 in the installer.
  • Ability to put the installers into an iso and burn it into CD/DVD.
  • Doesn't required to be install on machine.

  • Need to copy the iso's into ISO folder for SARDU to detect it.
  • Need to rename the iso's into specific name listed on SARDU website.
  • Iso's need not be renamed nor required to be in any specific path location.
  • More recent Linux version available in the supported list.
  • Doesn't required to be install on machine.

  • Unable to put the installers into an iso file and burn to CD/DVD in case if needed for machine that couldn't boot via USB.
  • Have some minor issue with Windows 7 installer. Check the workaround at Very Important note here.

Update (25/05/2011)
There's a new multiboot iso creator tool call XBOOT. In terms of usability it is straight forward. Simply drag and drop the ISO's (love the drag and drop features). However the downside is that it require .NET framework 4 to works and didn't support Windows installer.

For multiboot iso creator, if you're on Windows system and
- want to use the tool to create the usb/cd boot that support both Windows and Linux installer, go for SARDU
- want to use the tool to create the usb boot (and not even bother about cd boot), go for YUMI
- want to use the tool with nice GUI to create the usb/cd boot (and not even bother about Windows installer), go for XBOOT

Bottom line is, it's all about choices. Choose the best tool that will suit your need.


  1. Can I make a Sardu iso of several Windows Installers and run that in Yumi?

  2. hmmm...I don't really get it. Why would you want to do that in the first place? What are you trying to achieve here?

  3. Promethean, it is an interesting thought. If you have to use Yumi because you have to use a specific Linux distro that is not supported by Sardu, but you still want to include some windows installers, then it could be workaround to create an iso for all windows installers using Sardu, and include that with Linux distros in Yumi. I am not sure if you would hit such a limitation with Sardu though.

  4. can't get this to detect a 2gb toschiba usb stick. anything 4gb or above works, but xp only needs a 2gb for its installer.

  5. I've tested XP installer on 1GB Pendrive USB stick and it's working fine...

  6. Cant install windows 7 & 8 , hirens and xp works...7 & 8 no.. BOOTSECT.EXE' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file when trying to extract win7 & 8 iso.
    The iso is 10% as i writed it on a dvd and instaleld win 8 from that dvd.
    100% genuine ISO ... any fix?