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Monday, March 7, 2011

PowerShell cmdlet aliases similar to Bash...

CmdLet Alias Bash
Get-ChildItem gci, dir, ls ls
Get-Content gc, type, cat cat
Get-Command gcm which
Get-Help help, man man
Clear-Host cls, clear clear
Copy-Item cpi, copy, cp cp
Move-Item mi, move, mv mv
Remove-Item ri, del, erase, rmdir, rd, rm rm, rmdir
Rename-Item rni, ren, mv mv
Get-Location gl, pwd pwd
Pop-Location popd popd
Push-Location pushd pushd
Set-Location sl, cd, chdir cd
Tee-Object tee tee
Write-Output echo, write echo
Get-Process gps, ps ps
Stop-Process spps, kill kill
Select-String n/a grep
Set-Variable sv, set set

Copied from Wikipedia.


  1. damn I wish there was an alias for Select-String

  2. hehehe...as for my case, I wish it has something similar to gnome-screenshot :)