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Friday, February 15, 2013

Opportunities come when you least expect it...

It's been a while since my last post in this blog. I've been busy learning new stuff. Most of the time in my career life I've been doing a lot of programming. Started jumping into integration pool in 2004 with Microsoft Biztalk for a year and then back to programming business again. Sometimes opportunities come when you least expect it.

Who might have thought that now I'm back into integration pool, but with a different technology. SAP PI (Process Integration), a product from SAP for integration. It might not be as cool as Microsoft Biztalk, but when dealing with integration between third party systems and SAP it might be one of the best (for more complex type of integration SAP does have another product called Business Process Management if I'm not mistaken).

Initially when I started development in PI, it is really a pain in the a$$ process. Having Biztalk as my background knowledge, I tend to make a lot of comparison between the two products. It "helps" a lot when I need to deal with "import" players (those jerks really suck the money out of the place where I work). Thank God, I finally managed to overcome with the dissatisfaction of using PI and started to appreciate it. However, my personal opinion is still the same, SAP really needs to hire a good designer for it's product. The UI really sucks.

There's more things to come in future. Life started to get interesting everyday. Now I have a new target for my career. InsyaAllah.

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