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Monday, November 15, 2010

First Ubuntu and now Fedora, dumping X for Wayland...

When I first read about the news, as normal user I can't really tell what impact might hit to people like me. My understanding, it seems like there's a claim that X is too complicated, too slow, too filled with archaic junk and so on. That trigger the movement from X to Wayland, an OpenGL-based display management system.

I'm more concern about the apps that I love to use on Linux, because to run natively on Wayland it needs to be ported. Otherwise, it is stated that:
"If they don't, you can run a nested X server like on OSX. They'll still work as well as they ever did, and you even get to keep ssh [Secure Shell] forwarding of them. You can run a wayland server that does nothing but run a nested X server and you wouldn't ever know the difference."

Questions in my head:
  • How long will it take for all apps to get ported?
  • If need to run a nested X server, do I need to configure it myself?
  • With the hassle on the ported part (by developers of course) so that all apps can run natively on Wayland, is it going to improve graphical performance tremendously?
  • Since it is an OpenGL-based, is it going to improve gaming experience as well?

Changes are good but at what stake? If I hate to change, hell I'll just stick with Windows for the rest of my life. I don't mind learning, the advantages of using Linux are too enormous to be ignore. But if the change is too huge for me, I guess I'll stay on the safe side by reading more experience story by others. I'll do my best to avoid running a nested X server on Wayland because if I did that I personally feel it beats the purpose of the transition in the first place.

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