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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rise of the laptop...


Last year, an old friend of mine (Hazman) has given his old laptop (Compaq Presario V2000) for my kids (at first I thought he asked me to fixed it for him). The laptop is still in good condition but without battery and power adapter. I bought a brand new power adapter for RM 120.

Since the laptop only have 256Mb ram, I've installed XP Pro (pirated version) but once connected to internet I'm getting the BSOD complaining about NTOSKernel error. Installed Xubuntu, everything works fine except that when playing an online games the response was too slow. In the end both my kids use back my old machine.

Last weekend I managed to get a secondhand DDR1 PC2700 512Mb ram. Bought it from Meri for RM 65. On Sunday, I've given a new life to the laptop by installing Ubuntu 9.10 beta. The kids love it (not because of the OS and definitely they don't care about it, it's because they can play online games better now).

Talk about Ubuntu 9.10, I noticed there's new software included by default (apart from Empathy). Palimpsest Disk Utility, a nice utility that will notify you if your harddisk life going to end soon. It happen to this laptop :) I guess I need to prepare some money for the new harddisk...

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